Bengali Word of the Day January 8th

রঙ (Rana) Color

I love travelling because in each new place all your senses are assaulted by the different foods, smells, sights, sounds, and textures. However, I think my favorite is the color.

In Bangladesh color is everywhere.  Buses with brightly painted sides, rickshaws with gold awnings and painted seats, a swirl of fabrics as motorcycles race by, shifting colors of balloons and flowers as street sellers move among the stalled traffic.  No one is afraid of color unlike the stark outfits and coats one finds in America and Europe, in Africa and here in Bangladesh the colors pop, people stand out as they walk down crowded streets; and everything merges to become a rainbow. A rainbow of people, places, tastes, smells, and of course the ever present vibrant color that can only come with exploring new places.


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