Finding a Hospital in Bangladesh

So do you know how the slogan for our blog is “Finding a new home in Bangladesh,” well late last night we were on a mission to find a hospital. Unfortunately, Hill and myself ate something that did not agree with us and ended up getting really sick.  Hill, unfortunately, was much worse off then I was and we had to take him to the hospital to make sure he was okay.

Luckily for us there is a brad new hospital right next door to our hotel.  The staff there seem very friendly and all the doctors spoke English and were very concerned about Hill’s general welfare. However, they want to keep Hill for a few more days until they can ensure that he is better. This means that he will end up missing his flight tomorrow morning and will be flying back to Ithaca with Shamir later.

The team today was amazing with this abrupt change to our plans and having two sick team members on their hands. Shamir stayed overnight at the hospital with Hill and was there throughout the day to speak to nurses and the doctors. Chandra and Calvin left the hotel early in the morning to check on Hill and cheer him up and Joy was busy contacting the school and making new arrangements.  Calvin, Joy, and Shamir also checked on me at the hotel throughout the day to make sure I was doing alright as well. I am very lucky to be on such a supportive and caring team.

Needless to say our trip has been extremely eventful trip and one we will have lots of stories from!!!


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