In Bangladesh, minus one

We have currently arrived in Bangladesh! After a 31 hour trip we have arrived safe and sound in Dhaka.

The flights were great. Flying Emirates was amazing! I would highly recommend that airline. First of all, there was a fountain on the plan! Yes, it was in first class, but still a fountain!!! Also at night the ceiling lit up with stars and they even had the constellations. Pretty cool in my opinion. Of course, international flights are amazing for catching up on movies and television shows.

Dhaka appears to be an intriguing city.  So far coming into the hotel from the airport last night we have seen very little of the city, but it reminds me of Nairobi with paved highways and western hotels, but also the signs of developing country with rickshaws and bicycles mixed in with jammed packed buses, and older car models; people selling their wares at makeshift tables on the side of the streets, and of course the non-stop honking that accompanies all driving experiences.

The hotel seems to be in a very nice neighborhood. We are currently located in the Gulshan district of the city.  It is clear that this is a wealthier neighborhood of the city, since to begin with there is a lot less traffic and honking. Also the buildings appear newer and most are gated with security and one can see new cars parked in side gates and courtyards. We are close to the US Embassy and apparently the opposition party leader lives a few streets over.

Unfortunately, we are still one team member short as Hill due to a weather delay in Amsterdam and missed his flight in Istanbul. Of course I feel there are many wore things than being stuck in Istanbul for a day. We are looking forward to welcoming him early tomorrow morning! Of course he missed of exciting day of learning about political unrest in Bangladesh.

That’s all for now, more to come later about our experience on “Democracy Killing Day.”