Bengali Word of Day January 14th

ইতিহাস (Itihaasa) History

Probably one of the most important things to take into account when visiting a new country is its history.  Despite the fact that people are always trying to move forward and find the newest technology or innovative device the fact remains that everything we do and use is shaped by our history.  In many developing countries, this history has a big impact on the current political and development situation. If we ignore the history of a country we can never create effective policies.


Bengali Word of the Day January 11th

মিঠাই (Mithaai) Sweets

One of the best things we get to experience while in Bangladesh is the food! Everything is delicious, though you have to be willing to try some very spicy food. Some of our favorite foods involve the variety of sweets that can be found.  There are at least 35 different types of cakes and sweets that can be found in local shops and restaurants.  My favorite is a dried milk ball soaked in honey…yummmmm!

Bengali Word of the Day January 10th

নদী (Nadi) River

Bangladesh’s focus on agriculture comes from its location as the land intersected by 57 rivers.  Today, floating down the Brahmaputra River, one can begin to understand the importance of water and food security. Without the annual floods much of the nutrients in the soil would be lost.  Looking at the expansion of agriculture in Bangladesh from famine in the 1940s to exporting rice today it is incredible to see how technology and new techniques are changing farming.

Bengali Word of the Day January 7th

বন্ধুরা (Bandhuraa) Friends

It seems to me wherever we go in Dhaka we are constantly meeting and making    new friends. The name Cornell opens doors everywhere and if anyone has ever been to Cornell or knows of someone from Cornell, BAM, instant friends. Cornell has its fingerprints everywhere! It is nice feeling connected to back home even when you are half way around the world.

Word of the Day January 6th

Since the TEEAL SMART Team tends to be overly ambitious I have decided to not only post on our daily activities but also provide our dedicated readers with a Bengali word of the day.

Today’s word is: ধন্যবাদ (dhan’yabaada) which means Thank You

I would personally like to thank our team member Shamir for being amazing!!!! He has been so helpful arranging transportation, guiding us around, taking us to an amazing restaurant for lunch and suggesting we visit Aarong.  I don’t know what we would do without him! Thanks for all you do Shamir!!!!